If you think this website is unlike others, don’t fret. This website is intentionally built to do a bit to preserve a web that does not compromise on your time, privacy, and bandwidth.

This website is an intellectual property of Architect Kushal Dhananjay Samant, vide Architect’s Act, 1972 of the Constitution of The Republic of India. Any violation of the Architect’s Act is a punishable offence.

If you’re trying to reach out to say hello or say something nice, have a question or complaint or suggestion about something, have a business or startup idea you want to talk to me about, or want to share something you made with me, or want to get me involved in what you’re doing or want me to collaborate on some of your other projects, or if there’s something you don’t see here that you’d like to know, then you should @me on Instagram.

I try to respond to as many posts as possible. I know that’s not as satisfying as sending a direct email but my inbox is a big fat mess and when I made it public there were too many messages to respond so they just went unread - that sucks for everyone.

If you are nearby and want to connect personally or want a couple of minutes of my time on the phone, or in person, or want my comments on quotes, or anything that involves a commitment of time, any amount of time, I very very gently have to say no. Saying no is hard.

So many extraordinary circumstances that should warrant me saying yes, but I can’t. It’s a hard, inflexible no.

Family comes first, work second and whatever is left over I like to use for me which is usually travel. There is no time left for yes, even if that means missing opportunities.

Paul Graham really nails why saying yes for a quick coffee can be so destructive to the creative process - give ‘this’ a read to understand the maker’s schedule. Ryan Holiday penned ‘this’ pointed essay to everyone who asks for just a little of your time.

It’s brilliant, I wish I’d written it. I am sorry for no, but it’s not without reason.

Here you can see what I’ve shipped recently, what I’m building next, and how I’m doing as an architect. By sharing this information I aim to demystify the weird and wonderful process of working on mostly bootstrapped architecture.

I’m working hard to build a mindful, respectful, and accountable space for my patrons. I’ve lots of ideas for how to do a better job, as well as lots of challenges.

This is meant to be as transparent as reasonably possible. Since I’m accountable to my patrons instead of advertisers, my incentive is to create meaningful architecture.

This also means that my future relies entirely on community contributions. Here’s how you can help:

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